Central Florida

Food Safety

FreshPoint Central Florida is a premier produce distribution company. No other company will offer more care and concern for the items they sell. Our quality assurance begins in the field.
  • All of our suppliers must sign a Hold Harmless Agreement (guarantee letter) stating that GAPs (Good Agricultural Practices) have been followed. This is extremely important for food safety.
  • Temperature controlled shipping to us is a required.
  • All suppliers must present a COI (Certificate of Insurance) as proof that they stand behind their product.
FreshPoint Central Florida's receiving team follows a strict checklist when product arrives at our facility.

  • The condition of the trailer is examined. If there is any evidence of insect or rodent infestation, the load is rejected. If the floor of the trailer is dirty, the load is rejected.
  • Pulp temperatures of product is taken and recorded from each pallet removed from the trailer. (Industry standard is tail, middle, and nose of the trailer.) These recorded temperatures are then compared to tolerant temperatures for the product.
  • Each digital thermometer used in the facility is checked for proper calibration weekly to ensure accuracy.
  • Product quality is examined on each pallet.
  • Product is then dated and labeled for trace ability. The product is slotted in the proper cooler using the FIFO (First In First Out) system. Product rotation is checked daily by the FreshPoint Central Florida management team to ensure freshness.
Maintaining the product while it is here
  • We have on average a 2.86 days supply. This means that we turn the equivalent of the entire inventory in that amount of time. Of course some commodities turn faster than others, however, the 2.86 days supply is almost unheard of in the industry. The lower the days supply, the fresher the product being shipped.
  • Temperature is checked daily, every 4 hours, on all of our refrigerated docks and coolers. During these checks we inspect the condensers and fans on the cooling units to ensure all equipment is working properly and no water leaks are present.
  • Dial thermometers in the coolers and on the docks are checked daily for proper calibration.
  • The quality assurance department checks product condition daily to alleviate potential shipping problems.
HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)

  • HACCP is a federally mandated process to assess potential biological, chemical, or physical contamination in food handling or processing procedures for meat and seafood facilities, not for produce repack, fresh cut, or distribution facilities. However, FreshPoint has chosen to implement a HACCP plan to supplement the safety and sanitation programs already in place.
  • The Federal government has a zero tolerance for microbial contamination in their HACCP guidelines. FreshPoint utilizes GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) and SSOPs (Standard Sanitation Operating Procedures) to ensure our customers receive the highest quality and safest product possible.
  • Before a produce company can have a HACCP plan, a strong GMP and SSOP program has to be in place. FreshPoint Central Florida is unique in this area. Not every produce company at the State Farmers Market has adopted a HACCP plan.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedules are maintained and verified to ensure the facility is sanitary.
  • Cold chain management is upheld and verified throughout the product’s life at our facility.
  • Product recall procedures and trace back procedures are in place. FreshPoint Central Florida recall team is fully trained. A “mock recall” once a quarter is played out to ensure our team is ready if needed. Red's Market can trace, within minutes of notification, from origination to shipment.
Picking and shipping the product
  • FreshPoint Central Florida order pullers inspect the product for quality. The orders are assembled and loaded onto pre-cooled trucks for delivery, thus maintaining the cold chain.
  • Every effort is made to deliver product during the time window given to us by our customers.
  • FreshPoint Central Florida delivery drivers check the product on sight with our customers upon delivery. This ensures accuracy, quality and proper specifications were followed.

More Features

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